Most of media buyers works now with 2 sources of traffic: Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. I think, that it’s not secret, that accounts are banning very often, even if you are promoting a little bit gray offers. And this shit happens always with guys who promote adult offers, casino; who using cloaking services or content swapping. 


Creating accounts for Google Adwords and Facebook and manage them from one device has long been impossible. In ideal for every account you should have new device (with different settings) and new ip. If second solved by buying a phone, so for first requirement

You have two variants:

  1. To buy 5-10 PC. After getting ban for account you should re-install OS with other settings. It’s uncomfortable and slow.
  2. Install antidetect browser and use all accounts from one computer.

What is antidetect browser?

Antidetect browser – it is software, which changes many browser settings, unique them and allow to use some browser sessions.


Top best antidetect browsers for media buying


Indigo – on my opinion best solution today. Usable interface, downloading real fingerprints of users in real time, small price. I used it on mac, never had problems. Indigo created by russian developers on base Multilogin.

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Linken Sphere

One of first antidetect browsers for media buyers. There are necessary functions: changing webgl, geo, canvas, fonts and other. There is work with proxy. It creates maximum unique sistem for websites and services. I’m using it too, but often wait loading of session 2-3 minutes. I dont know why.

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Father of indigo from estonia. Based on 2 own browsers: mimic and stealthfox. So you can generate two types of user agent: chrome and firefox, regardless your os.

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Ghost Browser

It is not famous in media buyers community software based on chromium engine. Not so usable like indigo or sphere, but chipper. Not usable, that you should have own user-agents and for using different proxies you should pay more.

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