All the Best traffic sources for Affiliate Marketing

All the Best traffic sources for Affiliate Marketing what is it?

Social Networks

Facebook and Instagram

Example of Facebook ads
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Great and terrible Facebook. 80% of time everybody speaking about this traffic source on affiliate conferences or meeting. The most popular source of affiliate marketers in 2019 year. There are huge audience from all the world and traffic without bots. But there is one big minus: strict rules of publishing ads, which forbid most of CPA offers, so accounts of marketers are often blocked.

PPC ads

Google Adwords

Example of Google Adwords ads

Another source of huge amount of traffic – Adwords. There you can buy ads based on their search query or interesting themes. There are strict moderators and rules, so they don’t like affiliate marketers. So you will always farming accounts.

Bing Ads

Example of Bing ads

Another search engine with own advertising network. There are not so much traffic like in Adwords, but competition smaller.

Push networks

Recently appeared variant of ads, where you buying sending push notifications to people by specified criteria.

Example of push notifications ads.

This is new format of ads with high CTR, because users accustomed to open all notifications on their phones. Cons of this format are fast burnout of creatives and lack on iOS. Also be careful: in the most countries on COD offers is small percent of approve from this source.


This is so unusual for CPA type of traffic. Its essence lies in the fact that we are paying to user for doing some action on website or in app. For the most offers this type of traffic is prohibited.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is relatively free type of traffic sources. The essense is that you create own website, optimize it for certain search queries and promote it in search engines. Main pros of it – there isn’t need to pay everyday for traffic, because if you got top position, so you will recieve visitors from search engines. The most popular search engines for SEO in the world are Google and Bing.


This is type of websites, which have not semantic value for visitors and are being created just for user click on your affiliate link. Webmasters make them hundreds and thousands for low frequency search queries.

In-App ads

This is ads, which are shown in apps or games on phones and tablets.

Example of in-app ads
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This is one more relatively free type of sources. You can create videos and in description put your affiliate link. It is relatively free source because making video requires money, if you want nice quality of videos.

Mobile redirects, Popup, Clickunder

This is very cheap type of traffic. User click somewhere on website and in new tab open your link. So, quality of traffic is low, but price is low too. There are a lot of bots and you should create black lists of websites.

Adult networks

There is traffic from adult websites. It can be different types of ads: redirects, banners, links and other. Basically media buyers promote there adult goods (like titan gel), dating and other offers which connected with adult.


Own base

You can collect own base of email subscribers from you websites, landings or facebook ads. After you can send emails with offers suitable to your audience.

Email spam

If you can find foreign bases of emails in internet, stole it or buy in some services. After send mails to subscribers, but be careful: if you don’t know how to send spam without ban – it will be not profitable.

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