When I was cleaning my email box 1 week ago, I found case of one affiliate marketer, who promote ads from push notifications. I decided, that I heard a lot about it and want to try create one advertisement campaign there. In case was said about push network Megapu.sh and offer for India.


There was pros of this network:

  • small count of bots
  • easy campaign creation
  • a lot of traffic from many geos

I decided choose easy way and just took one offer which we already tested in another source. It was mask for face in Spain.

If you want to find best nutra offers – check my article.

I took same text and image, that we used and uploaded it in megapush. I heard, that in this network can be overrun of budget that you set, so I set just 30$ per campaign.

This is settings of campaign. I choose geo Spain and just female sex.

This is result, which I saw after one hour:

As a result, overrun was more than 30$.

This is screenshot from my tracker:

What can I said as a result?

Absolutely, I put very little effort when thought about this campaign; maybe I choose wrong network; maybe I created not convertible creative. BUT! How I can plan my campaigns, if network can spend in 2 times more money, than you set? Why I can’t set bid smaller, than minimal (4 cents)? I agree, if I will get less traffic, but I can control and normally analyze my campaigns.

As a result, my first meeting with push notifications and ad network Megapu.sh was bad and I don’t like it. So I for now, I don’t want to work with this type of traffic.