Reason of excluding

You can ask me: “why I should exclude mobile apps in Adwords?” And it is good question.

In my experience, when you start campaign in Display Network and want to get big ROI (or more than 0%) you should to wary of mobile apps. Because in most cases you will get tons of clicks from there without any leads. So, I advice test this category of traffic, but if you haven’t extra money for testing – turn off mobile apps.


Obsolete methods

There were some ways to exclude apps, but Google want to sell this bullshit traffic to somebody and removes popular methods.

How to exclude mobile apps in March 2019

This method I’m using everyday now for turning off apps.

  1. Open main page of Adwords with list of campaigns.

  2. Tap on “Tools”

  3. Click on “Placement exclusion lists”

  4. Click on “+” and ‘New list’

  5. Write name of list

  6. Click on “Enter multiple placements”

  7. Add this mobileappcategory::69500

  8. Choose from list “All categories”

  9. Close this page and after open necessary campaign

  10. Open tab with placements exclusions

  11. Use placement exclusion list and choose your new black list

That’s all. Now your campaign ads will not show on mobile apps.