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My goals for 2019 year

So, I want to start my blog from setting goals for 2019 year, because I never knew, what to write in the first post on blog, no matter how many times I did not start.

Here I set goals for job and personal life, for whole year I can check them and see, on which tasks I’m working, and which I’m losing. It will be easier for me, because I know, that somebody else can follow what I do.

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Goals for work

  • Take 4 persons to my media buying team and teach them (Now, in studying process 2 guys )
  • Change our office to more comfortable, where will be work zone and relax zone
  • Do 200 leads daily with team on offers from Google Adwords. (Now 20 leads)
  • Start advertisement from Facebook, to diversify risks
  • Reanimate old websites for SEO, to improve income in 2 times
  • Hire 1 guy for create Youtube videos and improve income from this direction in 5 times
  • Visit 3 industry conferences and get employees there
  • One more time try to start website for russian CPA goods
  • Start 3 websites for amazon affiliate program
  • Find variants of investments to get passive income 700$

Goals for health

  • Doing sport (boxing) 5 times per week (now 3 times)
  • Gain 10 kg weight
  • Do full health check up
  • Get rid of nasal congestion

Goals for personal life

  • Visit 3 new countries
  • Travel abroad 6 times
  • Buy a flat in center of my city
  • Change my car to new
  • Take my mom to Prague
  • Study spanish language to B1 level
  • Read 20 books
  • Write 12 big tutorials to blog
  • Up my level of english language to upper intermediate

There are my goals for 2019 year. If you have your own lists of goals – write it in comments and we will achieve it together.

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