What is it Tutorial: How to cloak Facebook moderators and bots??

Tutorial: How to cloak Facebook moderators and bots?

What is it Tutorial: How to cloak Facebook moderators and bots??

In 2018 year was splash of media buying in Facebook, so a lot of guys went there from another ad sources. However, Facebook is improving own algorithms and more often ban advertisement, even if it is white. All the more so if it is gray hat or black.


Guys, who want to promote something except cat’s food in Facebook ads, come sooner or later to cloak way. In internet there are a lot of recommendations, how to cloak ads from moderators and I decided to collect all working ways in one post. I will update this list, if will can found something more.

I’m using tracker Keitaro, so I will write with examples and screenshots from this tracker. But in every normal tracker you can set this rules.

Also, you can use best special tool for cloaking.

So, first of all, you need to understand, that if you promote gray (or black) hat, you should have 2 variants of promoting page

  1. “Safe page”. Page which moderators and bots will see. It should be as much as possible harmless and it haven’t something forbidden.
  2. Your landing or prelanding of goods, which may have what you want see there.

We will set rules in tracker, by which moderators will see page #1 and real visitors will see page #2.

Rules for cloaking


If we are promoting good in Poland, that #2 page should be show just for visitors from Poland and others should see page #1.


IPS – are companies, which deliver Internet connection. So we will filter here companies, which don’t use simple people.

IPS should not be “Facebook, Inc.” , “Facebook, Inc” , “Amazon.com, Inc.”, “Digital Ocean, Inc.”


We need only users with language of selected country, in our example polish.


IP address should be unique, firstly.

Secondly, add this list of IPs to your tracker. They should go to page #1. This is list of 577 moderator’s IPs, which was collected by a lot of media buyers.
Download list of moderator’s IP


From checking user-agent we can learn which browser (or software) use visitor and we should protect from user-agents with mention of Facebook.

  • facebookexternalhit
  • facebot
  • facebook
  • python-urllib
  • python-requests
  • zgrab/0.x
  • wget(linux)
  • facebookexternalhit/1.0
  • facebookexternalhit/1.1
  • facebookexternalhit/1.1 (+http://www.facebook.com/externalhit_uatext.php)

And also we should filter visitors with empty user-agent.


Referrer – is http request from which we can understand from where visitor went.

So, if referrer is empty it is strange situation.


User’s cookies should be unique, because user usually can’t visit your landing twice. It means that if user have not unique cookie, he usually moderator or bot.

Device type

If we are promoting ads to phones, visitors can’t check our page from desktops, for example.

So set device type in tracker similar to selected device type in ads campaign.


Simple users are not using proxy for surfing facebook, so If we found users with proxy usually they are moderators.

Example of rules for tracker

There are example of settings for claking in Keitaro tracker. But here you should add list of moderator’s IPs and IPS.

Sending ads to approve

Always, when your are sending ads on approve, turn off page #2 in tracker, so that visitors go to safe page. And just after you will check in Facebook ads manager, that counter of real visitors has become more than 0, turn on page #2.

Paid services for cloak Facebook

There are a lot of services for auto cloacking, so you can use it.

They update base of moderators and bots every day, so it will be better for you.

Most popular:

  • Fraudbuster
  • NoIPFraud
  • JustCloakIt
  • SilentCloaker
  • Trafficarmor

I wrote this article only for reading. I don’t call you to do this ways of cloaking. Promote only white hat goods:)

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