History: How did I start?

History: How did I start? What is it?

Hello everybody! My name is Kirill and I’m 22 years old. I live in Barnaul (Russia). At this moment I’m creating my own media buying team and also I have network of websites with reviews for CPA goods.

I wanna tell you my story…


Ucoz (2010 year)

I started my familiarity with earnings on the internet, like other, in school years. With my friend we discover about Ucoz (website developing system) and that easy way to create website. Then we didn’t understand all minuses of this engine and just “play” with this stuff. A lot of time spent in checking popular websites on Ucoz and try to copy it or create one more Facebook:)

I was doing it during two years, but none of my websites didn’t become popular and give me money.

First experience in Media Buying (2011 year)

When I was searching ways to monetize websites, I found out about popunder networks and wap click networks. In my head was born idea, that I can connect this networks and for this own website not needed. As a result, by some miracle, without any trackers and analytics I took link from wapclick network and put it in popunder ads network. Filled up balance on 2000 rubles and start first ad campaign. I remember, that geo was Azerbaijan and landing looks like one big green button “Enter”.

As a result, many visitors subscribed and I earn my money back in the first week. But (I still angry on myself) I didn’t fill up balance again and just checking every day how my balance in wapclick network grew up.

First experience in HTML (2012 year)

Because of creating website on Ucoz wasn’t required knowledge of HTML and CSS, so I discovered it just in 9th grade (15 years) on IT lesson in school. My teacher intelligibly introduce about it and also I was learning something from video-lessons on Youtube. As a result I was just one from group, who can do nice html pages. I helped my classmates with their projects for 300 rubles.

We could choose any theme of project and I created html website about game “Angry Birds”, because it was popular then. “Website” consisted from 4 news pages and 5 pages with short description of games and download links.

First full website (2012 year)

After we passed our projects, I was interested, how to put my “website” in the internet. I learned about hostings and domains and bought it. After I uploaded on server my pages and start to wait first visitors. And to my surprise, they were. Not to much, just 10-20 peoples per day, but it inspired me and I decide to evolve website. But I quickly realized, that develop website on simple html – hard way and learned about engine WordPress (that still love).

Somehow I could transform my html design to wordpress theme and I started to find information, about website marketing and search engine optimization.

First english website (2012 year)

I learned SEO a little bit, promoted my russian website. But when I put Google Adsense there, I discovered, that ads in this theme on russian audience – brings very little money. I decide, that I can try to create website for english audience.

I bought one more domain, copied russian website and translate texts with Google Translate. I added one new thing: on every page I hided download link with plugin “Social Locker”, which requires to like or share this page to open content. Its happened at time, when Google strongly relied on social factor, so count of visitors grew every day, because every visitor wanted to download game and promoted my pages on their social networks. In sum I earned 20000 rubles, and pay only for domain and hosting.

Creating websites for clients (2013 year)

While I was studying on first degree in university, my parents gave me money for life, but I was trying to earn myself, so sometimes I was creating websites for friend’s businesses.

I created 2 websites on free wordpress templates: for clothes shop and hotel in my city. Also I helped to fill website with auto parts.

Attracting first “investment” (2015 year)

I tried a lot to create websites with articles on wordpress on english language, but problem was in necessity of big investments in writing or translating content.

As a result, I choose one theme (Best games and apps for iOS) and decide to represent website like small business and ask my father about investment. Father tell me, that I should write business plan for it. He read it and after gave me 100000 rubles. I started my website. After 9 months promoting and work on website I check counter and there were 150 visitors per day. But was one problem: price which Adsense pay for click was 2-5 cents, instead 1-2$ which Google Keyword Planner showed me, when I started. 3 months more I understand, that I haven’t ways to earn money on this website, even earn money for hosting. And I closed it.

First real job (2015-2016 year)

So I spend a lot of time to promote my website, I was expelled from university. I understand, that I need money to life and start to searching SEO specialist job. Write CV and sent it in all companies, which have these vacation.

As a result, I found job in small web studio, where I did SEO, PPC ads and SMM. I worked there 6 months and after was fired. It was nice experience, but I decide, that I hate connect with clients, who order promoting.

Apps promotion (2016 year)

After dismissal I decide, that didn’t want to communicate with clients, but want to eat, so I send my CV again in all companies. And recieved invitation from one media buying team. I never thought about this, like a job. But decide to try and add to my CV story about my experience in media buying and send new CV to all media buying companies. Soon one of them answer me, that will talk about me in team and after maybe call me. But after one week nobody called me and I went to their office, found team lead and tell her, that I want to get on interview.

As a result, they took me and I promoted apps and games for phones on Facebook. They payed very small wages, but this job gave me big experience in Facebook ads.

Media buying in Nutra (2016-2017 year)

When I get more experience, I understand, that 30000 rubles – very small salary and I decide to find new job, because my boss didn’t want to increase salary.

As a result, I came to one of media buying events, where met with a lot of important guys in our niche and two guys offer me to work in their team with Facebooks ads.

This nutra team

They work with instagram and VK, because of it they was interested in my experience in facebook. I was getting 30% of profit.

I worked there 9 months and understand, that I was tired from everyday bans and farming accounts, so I said goodbye to guys and came back to my city Barnaul.

Creating website network (2017-2018 year)

My work place

When I worked in this team, was situation: we uploaded landing to our hosting and after some time found leads, which were not from Facebook, with empty referrer. I started to analyze and understand, that langing got in top of Google and therefrom were visitors and leads.

After coming home, I remembered about it and decide that it have big potential in SEO.

I started to create website with reviews on goods, where were links to buy this goods. I created a lot of websites for 10 geos.

So I worked 1,5 years, but in the first six months I used to work 2 hours per day and didn’t invest money in websites. But I getting big income. As a result, I relaxed and stop to work normally. This led to my competitors getted top in search and I could not to stay upper than they.

Attempt to media buying from native network (2018 year)

Understanding, that websites soon stop to get income, I decide to try buy ads from native networks. But when I spent 3000$ with -50% ROI, I understand, that can’t to change something and improve revenue. Than I putted this idea in plans for future.

Media Buying from Google Adwords (2018 year – …)

It was november of 2018 year, websites brought ten times less, than year ago. I traveled to Spain and had transfer in Moscow, where I came in office of one partner program to drink with them. Manager, with which I have good relationship, advice me try to promote white hat goods from Google Adwords, that I did.

From the first day ROI was 200%, that gave me inspiration to test more. But after testing 2 offers, my motivation fell down and I was in something like stagnation.

Creating media Buying team (2019 year – …)

I often thought about creating team for work with websites or media buying. But in my head I can’t imagine, how to teach somebody what I can do myself.

Our office

As a result, 2 january of 2019 I drove to mountains and understand, that want to create team, rent office and start to work, hard work, for getting new achievements…

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