I’m doing SEO and Media Buying, but also I’m creating and promoting my Youtube channels. And recently some of my channels was blocked. So I decide collect together all reasons of blocking Youtube channel.


Main list of rules of Youtube is “Community Guidelines”.

Breaking this guidelines leads to getting strikes to your channel.

Community Guidelines strikes are issued when their reviewers are notified of a policy violation of the rules for how to behave on YouTube, or the Community Guidelines.

Depending of the severity of the violation your channel may be block for 1 strike or some strikes during half of year.

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Reasons for channel block

  1. Spam. If Youtube decide, that you are posting video just for spam, they will block your account. For example, if you have similar descriptions for videos, they decide, that you are spammer.
  2. Uploading too much videos in short time. (Please, don’t upload more than 3 video per day)
  3. Buying likes, views and subscribers.
  4. Videos that violate the law
  5. Uploading porno video

Reasons to get a strike

  1. Copyrights. For example, you are coping someone else’s videos on your channel or in your video will be parts of someone’s videos, for which you have no copyright.
  2. Dangerous content. For example, if you are recording how to drive fast and break rules, put in the start of video disclaimer.
  3. Prohibited to show someone’s confidential data without his approve: phone numbers; addresses.
  4. Inactivity. If you weren’t in Youtube more than 6 months, your channel may be deleted.
  5. Harm to minors
  6. Discrimination, threats or intimidation of anyone.
  7. Impersonating another person

How to take off strike from channel?

Copyright strike

  1. Write to user, who send complaint and ask to remove strike.
  2. Watch video course about copyrights in youtube and wait 90 days. After this strike will be removed.
  3. If you sure, that you don’t violate copyrights, so send notification about it.

Other strikes

  1. Wait 90 days and it will be removed.
  2. If you sure, that you didn’t violate – send appeal.

How to get back your Youtube Channel?

When your channel was banned, Youtube sended email with reasons of block.

Check them and after send appeal for unblocking account.