How to boost Youtube video? (38 secret advices for get more views)

How to boost Youtube video? (38 secret advices for get more views) What is it?

For many years I was engaged in SEO and thought that other marketing ways are expensive (like PPC) or bring the result only for entertainment niches (social networks). Once I decided to create youtube channel for my website, about health products, for increase positions in Google.


I uploaded three videos and forgot about it. After one week I opened analitycs and was shoked: channel was generating hundreds of clicks everyday, although I didn’t optimise it. My world overturned and I started finding lessons for promotion and optimization video more.

In sum I found 38 points, which everybody should do for promotion Youtube video.

I hope, that I should to give useful information to others and after they will teach me more. Therefore I post it here:)

Also, check rules of uploading video on Youtube.

Choose right topic for channel

Before creating channel, you should think about topic for it. Please, don’t choose too broad and popular(for example, sport or cars) topic. Because you will fight with big channels, which have a lot of budgets for promotion and your way will hard.

Try to narrow niche, it will helps get target audience. They will watch your video more and involvement will be better.

For example, in sport theme it will be workout or yoga.

Cool channel page

Users should understand topic of this channel and differences from others.

  • Add channel avatar;
  • Create interesting and unique background of main page.
  • Add links to your website and other social networks
  • Set shot url for channel
  • Confirm rights on channel (in settings)
  • Add informative description about your channel and videos
  • Choose right channel language
  • Create “Welcome video”, which will be telling shortly about channel’s topic.
  • Use all available instruments for channel design. It get you more uniqueness before competitors.

Video ranking factors

Author of blog Backlinko make the research and found most important factors of promotion video on Youtube:

  • Number of comments;
  • Length of video;
  • Number of views on this video;
  • Number of shares;
  • Number of likes;
  • Number of people, who subscribe on channel after watching this video;
  • Keyword in video title;
  • HD video resolution.

Length of video

Length of video is important factor of ranking your video on Youtube, so try to make video longer and tell topic fully. But you shouldn’t tire.

Searching keywords

Half of success in Youtube search promoting is right keywords, like in SEO. Youtube is №2 search engine in the world. So we should find popular keywords in our niche.

There are some ideas for keywords:

  • How to…
  • Reviews
  • Tutorial
  • Guide

When you optimizing video for right keywords, you help ourself get views from Youtube search and also from first page in Google. So Google often give video answers in top 3 results for user queries.

Video quality

Users run from video with bad quality and creaking sound.

Your video should be:

  • In HD quality
  • Create our own thumbnails for video.
  • with good recorded sound
  • Put logo of your channel in corner of each video. It helps you for branding your website on Youtube

Title and description of video

There are some advices, how to make your description better:

  • Use numbers in title
  • Put keyword in beginning of title
  • Title should be maximally unique. Check, is there video with same title already in Youtube.
  • Name of downloading video file should contain your main keyword, for example, weight-loss.mp4
  • Description should be minimum 250-300 characters.
  • Create descriptions for people: like in SEO, texts and descriptions must not be just list of keywords. Description is mini-article, which helps people to find topic of video before watching;
  • Put keyword inside first two sentences of description.
  • Find video of competitors and use same tags in your video. It helps to be in the right block on their video.
  • First comment under the video should be yours. Its small psychological trick, which increase probability of typing comments from viewers.
  • Call-to-action should be in your video


Playlists help to structurize video on your channel and get more views. Try to insert keywords in playlist’s title.

For example, playlist called “How to do push ups”, video inside “How to do push ups 100 times?”; “How to do push ups on hands?” and others.


You should use annotations in your video for motivating people to do action. It creates easy with Youtube video-manager.

Publication schedule

Create publication schedule and tell subscribers about it. People should know, that, for example, every Monday they can find new video on your channel. Desirable post minimum two video per week.

Embedding video

Embedding video on websites increase ranking of your video in Youtube. So think, where you can publish your video, for example:

  • Pages with close topic on your website
  • Try to find websites with similar keywords in Google, which haven’t video on pages. Write authors on this articles to add your useful video there.

Getting views

For better rankings by keywords, your video should have a lot of views. So you should promote it yourself on start.

You can:

  • Create email newsletter on your email base with link to video
  • Publish video on your social network pages
  • Publish your video on thematic groups and pages in Facebook and Linkedin
  • Find on Quora and other Q&F websites thematic questions and write cool answers with your video.

Remember, that your video should get maximum of views at first 48 hours to stand in trends Youtube

Collaborations with other channels

Find channels with close themes and communicate with them, recommend each other, joint video, make annotations with links on other channels, add to recommended channels section and other things.

Advertising video

If you didn’t achieve necessary results, so you can try to use paid ads on Youtube, but your channel should be full of nice content and my previous tips must be met.

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